For sale we have a Smith & Wesson model 65-5 Ladysmith double action revolver in .357 Magnum. This revolver is an all stainless K-Frame model with round butt, rosewood grips, a 6-shot fluted cylinder, and 3" heavy barrel with fixed sights. This rare Ladysmith version of the model 65 is a 1993 manufactured gun and predates the frame safety models by several years. Gun includes factory "Ladysmith" soft case and black rubber Hogue grips.

Smith & Wesson 65-5 Ladysmith

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  • The Smith & Wesson 65-5 Ladysmith makes an excellent revolver for carry, range, and target practice.  It can be fired with either .357 Magnum loads, or lighter-recoiling .38 Special loads.  This gun has excellent balance, and is easy to carry with its 3" barrel.

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