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Our History

From Founder Neal Lane:

After more than two decades of evaluating firearms as a Certified Firearms Appraiser for Ft. Worth's oldest and most reputable firearms retailer, I decided to launch a new business that would allow me to utilize my talents and passion full time.

​Rather than hang out my shingle over yet another tactical gun shop and indoor range that puts together AR's in-house while manufacturing suppressors in the basement, I wanted to turn more fully to the fine arms on which I had first learned the gun business.

​I do own a nice AR-15 rifle, but I also view the 1873 Winchester or 1894 Marlin as interesting assault rifles.  I'd happily swap two truckloads of Remington SPS bolt actions for a reasonably priced Holland double rifle, or even a Rigby magazine rifle.  Sure, I own a Glock, but my sidearm of choice is a Smith & Wesson Registered Magnum, or maybe my Mauser manufactured WWII Luger.

​For the vintage guns as well as the new, both the modern and the classics, I decided to launch Lane Arms & Appraisals to offer my broad firearms expertise to the public.

​My company offers Certified Appraisals of firearms for estate, legal and personal needs.  We are experienced in providing appraisals for single firearms, and also estates and collections numbering in the thousands.  Lane Arms offers appraisal services for Probate and Expert Witness cases.


Contact us via phone or email to schedule your personal Certified Appraisal.

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